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"Don't sign a contract, lease or spend thousands of dollars on

efficiency products and repairs before you know the science."

If your Energy Auditor has a contractors license there will be an agenda.

Home Inspctions, Energy Audits & Wind Mitigation Orl/Kissimmee Fl


 But where do we start?








How do we get the answers

without trying to be sold some type of product?


The Answer:  First understand  how energy is being used and wasted in your home by getting a 100% unbiased full written report of your current condition and needs through a home energy inspection by a Licensed Home Inspector. 

No Agenda, nothing to sell to you, just the facts.


Electric bills are on the rise and according to the U.S. Department of Energy the future will be more of the same. Since electricity has become a necessity of our every day lives the only thing we can do is take less of it, and make our homes more energy efficient.


We will discover through a personal Energy Analysis Survey your current energy demands and educate the family on the current state of world energy. I conduct an attic inspection and walk-through of your home and inspect about 40 data points inside and out related to energy.  I then use an advanced energy calculator developed by the U.S. Department of Energy,  the Berkeley Lab and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors for your report. The report prioritizes the deficiencies in order of repair. Remember, I will not offer to you any repair service, financing scheme or repair referral.  

My Home Inspector's License keeps me at arms length of any transaction ensuring that when I arrive at your home I have a fudiciary agreement to work only for YOU for a one time fee.


Home Energy Audit Photo Gallery

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Q: What is a Home Energy Audit?


A: A Home Energy audit or inspection is our program for improving home energy efficiency through a complete energy audit. 

We will inspect all accessible areas.  We evaluate the energetics of your home considering it an “energy system” with many pathways of energy flow and potential loss inside and out as we identify and report potential energy savings

and waste.



Q: Why Should I get an Energy Audit?


A: A Energy Audit can pinpoint energy problems in order to help put your home in more comfort, warmer in Winter and cooler in the Summer. Reduce your energy costs by an average of 25% or more; Increase the value of your home and improve the environment.



Q: When should I consider a                Home Energy Audit?


A: Before any efficiency repair,  Before you Buy or Rent, Before you sell your home.

If your home has comfort issues, Before  replacing your Heating, Venting and A/C system,  To lower utility bills for the life of your home. 



Q: Doesn't the  utility company offer this for free?    


A:  I do not own the electricity that you use, depend upon it's sale or will ever send you a monthly bill. What would their investors say if everyone saved 25% or more on their monthly bills?


Also: be cautious of those companies who offer this service for free just to have the opportunity to sell you what they profit from with outrageous financing schemes.


Q: What about when renting property?   


A: Imagine you are considering 

leasing a 3 bd. w/ 2 ba. average 1,500 sq. ft. home.  If an average electric bill is $250 per month($3,000yr).  And due to inefficinies that you did not see or understand when you viewed the property.

Let's say the home is losing 30% of the energy you will pay for. In reality your annual electric bill difference would be 30% more!  That's $900 more per yr. than an average energy efficient home.

Do you think the small cost of the audit is worth knowing the conditon of the desired property? Ask the landlord to share the fee!  A good Landlord would want to know! also!





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