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The Infrared Certified® Registered Trademarked professional designation and trademark logo are available for use to all InterNACHI members who meet the certification requirements.


To become Infrared Certified® and use the Infrared Certified® logo, an individual must complete the following requirements:


You must join InterNACHI.

  1. You must complete the Certified Professional Inspector CPI® certification requirements and become a Certified Professional Inspector®

  2. You must complete the following additional training (by choosing a. OR b.):

    1. Infrared Thermography Inspection Course and Building Science and Infrared Thermal Imaging Course; OR

    2. Infrared certification course with John McKenna.

  3. You must sign and submit to InterNACHI the application/affidavit.

  4. You maintain membership to InterNACHI and must continue to learn per InterNACHI's Continuing Education Policy, and maintain an online member Continuing Education Log.


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